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Monday, August 29, 2011

Six More Dialysis Days

After six more days of dialysis, I'm done! Hopefully it will be forever. I suppose it could be only five more dialysis days if I don't come on the day before the surgery. But if I want to feel my best, I'll come on Monday night before surgery on Tuesday.

My donor and I will BOTH be meeting at Christ on Tuesday, September 6th. I think she's relieved to be able to meet with the surgeon. We'll be meeting with them together.

They told her to take 1 ounce of milk of magnesia before the surgery...

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  1. Kelly, my youngest works in x-ray at Christ. If you have a tech that is pregnant-Laura-that is her! Ask her if she knows Amanda Neumann, she'll be freaked:) Christ is a good hospital and you will be well taken care of. Good luck to you and your donor--I'm praying for both of you. Post as soon as you can after surgery so we can all know you are doing fine.