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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Would Have Been Nice to Know

I went for blood on Monday at 7:30 and had to wait OUTSIDE of the office since there were so many people waiting. I didn't have my blood drawn until 8:30. It was crazy! When the nurse practitioner called to tell me that all of my blood work was good she asked where I get my blood drawn. "At the hospital," I answered confused. "Oh, well there is a lab near your house on Rapid Run. In the future you should have your blood drawn a day or two before your appointment and then just call us to see when we think we can get you in." Seriously! This information would have saved me HOURS and HOURS of waiting around the hospital...eating bagels and drinking hot chocolate and caffeine free Coke. It could have saved me about 10 pounds! Went for a Visit Anna and I were going to Kroger and dropping stuff off at Good Will. Both were right by Davita, so we stopped in to say hi. The nurses, NP and dietitian were so excited to see me! I told them that I really don't know why people stay on dialysis and decide not to go forward with the transplant. It's like a whole new life after a couple weeks recovery. Well worth it! Energy I did some shopping on Tuesday. Some returning and some Christmas shopping with gift cards that I keep getting from people at school. Normally the amount of moving and carrying of Anna would have worn me out. But I think the more I did them better I felt and the more energy I had. I couldn't believe it! I feel like I have the energy to go back to work, but the doctors still want me to stay home and stay away from germs...do they know that Anna has a cold??

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