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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dialysis Day 11

Surgery today. It'll be fine.

I went in to work yesterday. I didn't do anything physical, just graded some papers. It was a really good day. I felt fine when I left, even felt like making dinner last night. We had a game night last night, too. We did a puzzle and played Pretty Pretty Princess. I won.

I go in to get my fistula today. Surgery is at 1:00, so they are taking me off dialysis a little early. It's supposed to be no big deal, but I'm sure it will hurt a bit. I hope they have some pain meds that I can take that won't harm the baby.

The lady across the way was sick this morning. And she's a loud puker! I'm glad I had already put in my headphones and started to listen to the Today Show.

There's some confusion about how far along I am. If I'll be 24 weeks when we're on vacation then I have to have dialysis at a hospital unit. But I swear I'll only be 22 weeks, so it should be easier. They're going to call my OB to check it out.

They are supposed to take some labs today to see if my phosphorus is still low. I hope the two bowls of sherbert and glass of milk I had last night will help things. Potassium is still low, but has been most of my adult life. I'm not a big fan of bananas, but that's okay cause they are still telling me to stay away from those. Maybe I can have a baked potato soon!

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  1. I was offered Vicodin when I was pregnant with Jonah for my fibromyalgia pain, so you should be able to take pain meds after your surgery. Hope it went well and that you are feeling good.

    Jen Dozer