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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Tests, More Questions

Yeah, right? I saw my rheumatologist who I still really like. She ran a ton of tests. Most resulted the way we expected...my immune system is messed up (my ANA was high). Both of my Sjogrens anti-bodies were positive (they told me that when I was pregnant and that's why they were so worried about Anna's heart before she was born). My Sed rate was high (87 is apparently super high) so she knows that my Sjogrens is active because it shows that there is inflammation in my body.

But the most concerning test was a lupus test that came back positive. It was barely positive, but positive all the same. She asked me to double my steroid for a month and then come back to repeat the tests to see if the inflammation is down and is the lupus test was a fluke. The inflammation could be be a result of getting off of a high dose of steroids too quickly after the surgery. If you know anything about steroids you know that you have to step off of them slowly and carefully.

Lupus is similar to sjogrens but works in a different way. I'm pretty sure my friend's mom has lupus. I'll have to get some info from her.

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  1. Hoping it's a false positive. Continuing to pray for you guys. Can't wait to see you next weekend!