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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Days a Week

Yesterday was another terrible waiting day. I had my blood drawn at 6:30, had a bone density scan at 8:30, sat at the kidney doctor's office until they called me back at 11:00, then didn't see the doctor because they didn't have my blood test results. I went to the urologist and called the kidney doctor to see if my results were back...they weren't. So, I went home. They called me later.

But the good news is that things are still going well and I only have to go to the hospital 2 days a week, Monday and Friday. Hooray!


My labs looked good. My creatinine is 1.0 (great), my white blood count is 8.5 (no infection), my red blood count is 10.5 (improving). My sugar was 78 after fasting (much better than it was before). Yeah.

Bone Scan

I had a bone scan since I've been on the steroid for so long. It said that I have osteopenia. It guess that means there is some thinning of my bones. It's hard to tell if that's because of the steroid or because of family history (my mom and grandma have bone issues, too). I'm supposed to start taking Caltrate with Vitamin D for the time being. I might have to start an osteoporosis medicine, like Boniva that Sally Fields takes.


He walked in and said, "So, you got a new kidney...awesome! Congratulations!" He was cool. He said they could remove the stint by just using some numbing cream and then it will take only a few minutes to "go up there" and remove it. Ha, right. He says most women are more comfortable when they are sedated and that will take a couple of hours to get me to sleep and then wake me up. Please, put me under... That will happen next week.

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