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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prayers Are Being Answered

My co-worker sent an email to the entire staff about being a donor. I didn't think I'd get responses so quickly! Three people sent me emails within a couple hours of receiving the original message. They want to be tested! A couple of them I don't know well at all. I can't believe it!

Also, a friend of mine from high school has already sent her paperwork in. And, my mom used to work with a lady whose daughter I went to high school with. This wonderful lady also wants to be tested and has been asking the nuns she works with to pray that we will be a match.

I was so down just last week when I heard the my mom and brother won't match. But it looks like my prayers are being answered. I'm getting some blood and urine tests tomorrow so we'll be another step closer. I just need to have my dentist fill out a paper saying that I don't have an infection since I'll be on immunosupressant drugs after the surgery. Then if we find a potential match the two of us will get one more blood test.

One of the nurses suggested that I get on the transplant list soon, before the holidays. Sad to say, but there are lots of drinking and driving fatalities in November and December. Of course, I would never wish that on someone, but...

Thank you, everyone!

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