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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Needles

My fistula continues to improve, I guess. We've started using two needles today. That's a big step. The pressure is still high but the nurse practitioner said it's going to be okay. We've just got to use it for a while till it opens up a bit. We'll see what happens.

I went in yesterday to have some blood work done for my transplant work-up. I had to give a urine sample, too. I was only able to produce a drop...literally, a drop. The tech was so confused. I told her that's all I could do and she offered to get me a glass of water. "No, really! That's all I can do. A drink won't help." She said maybe we should do a 24-hour collection. "Uh, that's still all you'll get!" I guess the pre-surgery techs aren't real versed on the nonfunctional kidney.

I have one more test to do before we will meet with the surgeon. Once he decides we're ready to go then they will take my info to "the committee" and get me on the official donor list. It kind of scares me because I'm sort of "on-call" at all times. I could get a call at any moment that a kidney becomes available. Then we'd rush to the hospital and start surgery. I would hope I'd be able to see Alli before I go.

I continue to get offers from co-workers who want to be tested. They are still people I don't know very well. Amazing. There are lots of caring people out there.

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