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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here We Go

They stuck my fistula again and it seems to be running okay. They are keeping the blood flow low until it matures. I have to start typing with one hand again. It's hard! Expect typing errors.

Anna's Ultrasound

Tomorrow morning I'm bringing Anna to Children's for a hip ultrasound. I can't feed her for 3 hours before the test. She usually goes 3 hours between bottles...we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping she doesn't need an IV. When Alli was younger she had to have a blood test and I had to hold her while they did it. Anna's so small that I think it will be even harder.

Anna has finished one type of formula so I had to switch her yesterday. She seemed to handle it pretty well. This type has fewer calories per ounce, so we might need to increase the amount we give in each bottle. She's still getting tired after some bottles. Even a faster flow bottle tires her out. But she's getting bigger!

Next week we have an appointment at Good Sam. It's an appointment with the pediatrician, therapists, dietitian and other people. They call it an "Early Discharge Clinic." I think they'll be pleased with her progress. The next appointment is back at Children's. We'll test her eyes at this one. Since she was premature and on oxygen there is a chance that her eyes will be bad. We'll see.

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