"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not Again

Fistula Problems

They ran me on my fistula for the whole treatment on Thursday. But the whole time my venous pressure was high. You know when a garden hose is kinked and you can feel the water pressure? That's how the doctor explained it to me. There is still a part of my fistula that is narrower than it should be and the pressure is building. So on Monday I will be back at the Access Center getting another angioplasty. It doesn't hurt. It's just a pain because I have to have someone come with me. They won't let me drive myself home. My mom will come, but she'll have to keep Anna with her in the waiting room.

Rough Night

Jason is sick. He's been feeling bad all week, and we thought it was just his allergies. But he had a fever last night. Great. Since we don't need anyone getting sick with him, Alli, Anna and I slept in the family room. Alli thought it was a fun slumber party! She and I slept on the couch while Anna was in her pack and play. I had to get up with Anna every time she woke up for a bottle. Normally Jason and I will alternate feedings. I'm a little tired this morning.

Anna's Ultrasound

I took Anna to Children's to get her hip checked out yesterday. She was great. She stayed really still and took her bottle while they did the ultrasound. And the results were good. The ball of your hip is supposed to be 50% covered by the socket and Anna's is more than 50%. Good stuff!

Busy Week

Monday - Access Center
Tuesday - Dialysis
Wednesday - Early Discharge Clinic
Thursday - Dialysis
Friday - Vision Check at Children's


Donation Process

My mom and brother had some blood work done yesterday. It was just to check their blood type. If either (or both) of them are type O then there will be more tests done soon. We should know on Monday. I'm excited and nervous to get the process going. I want things to be "normal" again.

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