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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Meeting

I know surgeons are busy, but a meeting set for 1:00 shouldn't begin at 2:15 and last only 5 minutes...

Anyway, it was a good meeting. On Tuesday of next week my files will be brought to the kidney transplant forum. That's a group of all of the kidney doctors at Christ. They will look over my information and then decide to put my name on the list. They say there is NO reason why they wouldn't approve it. Yes!

They are reluctant to put you on the list if you haven't tried to find your own donor. But she told me that she has had to rule out 16 people who want to give me a kidney. Sixteen people! I think I know of 7 people. If you sent in paperwork, Thank you!

So, the list doesn't work the way I thought. There are 241 people on the list for a kidney in the region. But I'm not "on the bottom." If they find a kidney that's a perfect match for me, then I get it. It could be 10 years or 10 minutes. I could get a call any time after Tuesday. I will have to get a new phone, though. We currently have Cincinnati Bell and the service is terrible. We don't get service at home or in many places at school. I hear Verizon is good...and I need my phone to be working all the time just in case I get THE CALL.

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