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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dialysis Day 17

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese!

This is my last chance to get my phosphorus up without medication. Yesterday I had a salad with lots of cheese for lunch, mozzarella cheese sticks and alfredo noodles for dinner and orange sherbert for dessert. Add that to cheese and crackers with a Coke for breakfast today. Never thought I'd get sick of cheese.

My blood pressure is still a bit high. If it's not better this weekend then I'll have to take my blood pressure meds twice a day. I'd rather not, but I guess the blood pressure is worse for the baby than the medication is.

I'm starting my exercise to help my fistula mature. I have to squeeze a ball (in my case a blue rubber kidney). The idea is the same as when they draw blood from you and have you made a fist. It makes the blood flow through the veins faster and makes them "pop out." When my vein and artery have "popped out" enough they'll use them for dialysis instead of the catheter. It's supposed to take 8 weeks to mature, but since your body produces more blood when you're pregnant it might happen sooner. That means I'm getting closer to being able to take a shower!

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