"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dialysis Day 24

Today has been interesting.

They had me hooked up and then one of my lines came detached. There was air in the line and they worked for about 10 minutes to try to get it out. It's bad to get air back in your body. They finally had it worked out but the blood had clotted. So, there was alot of blood in the machine that they had to throw out. My blood counts have been okay for a while, so hopefully this won't cause any problems.

"I'm so sorry."

I guess they can't do anything at this point except apologize. Everyone is apologizing. Without using too many technical terms, one of the reasons the docs in Florida said they wouldn't dialize me was because they didn't have a 3K bath. All of the patients there are on a 2K bath. One of the techs here just told me that they could have sent me with a 3K bath. Damn it!

My nephrologist left me a message. He's so sorry. He did tell me that he is going to write me a "strongly worded letter" that will get us our deposit back from the rental and our money back from the airlines. My mom doesn't believe it will work. We'll see.

Are you serious?

I'm in a different pod than usual today, so I'm seeing people I don't normally see. There's a guy who seems to be about my age and reminds me of my brother. He's got a fistula, so he's not hooked with a catheter. He just gets needles into his arm...and he's doing it himself! They're just letting him stick himself. Blah!

Speaking of sticking yourself...that might be my future, too. Once the baby is born I will have several options for dialysis. One is to have treatments at a satellite place (not the hospital). There is one on Delhi Pike right near the house. I'd still be there three days a week, four hours each. Another is home hemodialysis. That would mean Jason would need to stick me with needles and I would be dialized while I sleep. I think this sounds great except I wouldn't be able to jump out of bed to get the baby when she needed me. The last is weird and I don't really understand it completely. I would get a catheter in my stomach and pour some sort of water in it and hold a bag of sugar water over my head while the toxins are flushed out of my system. This would be every day but only an hour a day and I would do it at home. I have some research to do, for sure.


  1. Are you talking about peritoneal dialysis? It's really simple: you let the fluid flow into your abdomen through a catheter, let it sit there the specified time, then let it flow out by gravity. You are at higher risk for peritonitis (an infection in your abdomen- and this would mean IV antibiotics), but some people do like it better. It may feel less like you have a part-time job 3 days a week. I would maybe talk to some people who do it and see how they feel about it.

  2. when i first read about the last procedure, i thought you were explaining an elaborate strategy to get rid of hiccups. . .