"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dialysis Day 32

When I came in today they didn't have me on the schedule. They apparently wanted me to have a day off. Would have been nice, but since I'm off on Sunday that wouldn't have been a good thing. Baby can't handle two days off in a row.

Mrs. Spock was right, 28 weeks gives her a 90% chance of survival. That's definitely our next goal. Although I'm not really looking forward to 28 weeks because of the added doctors appointments. The OB wants me to have a non-stress test TWICE A WEEK starting at 28 weeks. It looks like a non-stress test measures the baby's heart rate compared to her movement. Babies are supposed to have increased heart rate when they are in motion. Not really sure why I would need to make a separate appointment for that since starting Monday I'll have a monitor on every day during dialysis. Maybe I can convince them that they should do the test while I'm on dialysis.

Did I mention I need a kidney?

I was finally able to ask my nephrologist about starting the transplant process. He knows that my schedule is very busy and asked if I really wanted to start the process while I'm still pregnant. I told him my Thursdays are free...so, yes! I want to start the process. They sent a referral to Christ Hospital and the transplant coordinator called me on Friday. I missed her call, but she needed some information from me and wants to set up an appointment to come in and talk about the process. Of course, Jason wants to be there. He's much better at asking questions than I am.

Here's where we start: My blood type is O+. So, I can receive a transplant from someone with type O blood. If that's you and you're willing to get tested, please let me know! He told me that I need to get a "perfectly healthy" person. But I say if you're willing then get tested and we'll let the doctors tell us if you are healthy or not. Family members are usually better matches, but we'll try anyone.


  1. Hi Kelly,

    I used to work with your dad and this morning he sent me your blog. I've been keeping you and your family close to my heart and would like to be tested to see if I'm a match for you. I live in Portland, so could you ask your doctors what the process needs to be?

    Hang in there -- sounds like Little Girl is doing all she can to make you feel better, now if we can just keep her safe inside until 32 weeks, the two of you will be a strong team!

    Melanie Bloom

  2. Wow! Thank you. We're meeting with the transplant team on July 26th and will have much more information then. Thank you so much for your positive thoughts.