"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yep, My Arm

I walked in and decided to tell the tech that the doctor wants to use my arm. No use delaying the inevitable. And I remembered my cream today, so I guess it's time. But as soon as we started the discussion the lady across the room screamed. Great. I made a face and everyone just giggled. Then another scream. Are you kidding? Today? The tech sticking her said not to worry. She screams just to be screaming. Fantastic.

So, I got up about 15 minutes early to put my cream on. I have to wrap my arm in plastic wrap after it's applied. Jason thinks that it helps it work better, but I think it's just so it doesn't get on my clothes. When she started feeling my arm I could tell it was numb. Promising, but I wondered how deep the numb was. "One, two, three, OUCH," says the tech. But I didn't feel it. Amazing! Again, "One, two, three, OUCH." Not a thing. I LOVE this cream! It's well worth getting up 15 minutes early.

Uh, looks like someone is leaving. Not sure what's going on, but a patient who is normally here with me is packing up. Weird. It's a day after a weekend, so she really needs to be here. But what do I know.

I gained 2.5 kilos this weekend. That's the most I gain. I was super thirsty yesterday. Last time I gained this much I had a tough treatment. Good thing the kids are taking tests today. I might need a rest.

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