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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to the Catheter

So, I guess we're using my catheter again. At least we have the past two treatments. My arm is a bruised mess and I think that they are afraid to use it. Fine with me. I can get on and off quicker. There's no need to stop the bleeding. They can just cap me off.

My blood pressure has been crazy high. It was 183/115 last night...crazy high! They are starting to think that I might be losing weight. Since they keep my dry weight the same (59 kgs) that would mean that I'm carrying less mass and more fluid. Extra fluid causes high blood pressure. [I can't imagine that I'm losing weight. I haven't been this light in my life. We had to go shopping for pants last weekend before I started back to school. I've never worn a 4 before.] I might need to increase my blood pressure medicine. I guess I'm sill taking a pretty small dose.

I'm a little frustrated with the whole transplant process. The coordinator called me the other day (after I called her more than once). She told me that there are two other tests I need to take care of. There was no mention of these tests four weeks ago when I had my blood taken. It's no big deal, but just annoying. The doctors here at dialysis suggested that I call her every day and bug her to get this process moving forward. One doctor wants me to get a fistula in my right arm and the other doctor thinks that crazy. Why should I do through that process again if I'm going to get a kidney? So, I told the coordinator this and she said "we'll see what we can do." We'll see.

Jason gave blood yesterday. He's O-. I knew he'd be an O. But I don't think they'll let him give me his kidney because of the girls. I know that my parents would help us. My mom even said the girls could live with them until we recover. But the question is, what if something happens to both of us? I think that's the main worry.

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