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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A New Adventure

Today is my first day at the DaVita in Delhi. And it was a pain getting here! We woke up to about 2 inches on snow. The roads in my neighborhood weren't good, and Delhi Pike was worse. It took me about 15 minutes to get here. I think it would normally take 5. Good thing, cause I have to be here really early! They can get me on at 6:15 am. And today I was the only one here at that time. They got me on a little early, so I should be done before 10 am.

The Unit seems very similar to the one in Gatlinburg. There are about 12 chairs and a couple of beds. Each has a television, but these are mounted on the ceiling above each patient. I have a remote control at my chair kind of like in a hospital room. The sound comes out of the remote. I tried to use my ear buds but they didn't work.

I spend most dialysis treatments watching the Today Show. I realized today that coming in an hour early means I don't have to watch Hoda and Kathie Lee anymore. Hooray!

Anna's Doctor Visit

Anna had her 4 month check up yesterday. She weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces. Everyone is really pleased with how she's doing. Her length and weight is right in line with a 2 month old (her adjusted age). Her head is a little big, but she comes by that honestly. She comes from a long line of big-headed family members. She is doing things that I remember Alli doing when she was 2 months old, so I'm happy.

Anna had two shots yesterday. And she didn't cry with the first one. I was very surprised. But the second one did her in. I think her legs were bothering her last night after the shots, too. I gave her some Tylenol and that sort of settled her down a bit.

Back To The Unit

I think I might end up having some good stories about people here in the Unit. A strange looking old lady just came in. She seems to be in her 70's. She has long white hair passed her shoulders. She's wearing snow boots with heals on them, and having a hard time walking in them. She placed two Dumb-dumb suckers on the chair next to hers. I guess she's leaving them for a friend. And now she just waved her fist at one of the nurses, not in anger, but to be funny. She's going to be fun, I can tell!

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