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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is the Test

The test we're doing this week is the one that tells us if we've found a match. And we'll know the results in 2-3 weeks. The potential donors will be contacted when the results come in and they will have to decide what they want to tell me. If they are a match and change their mind about donating they can tell me they are not a match. I'd rather think they are not a match than have them worry about telling me that they changed their mind. Of course, I would never blame a person for deciding not to donate. What a huge commitment!

So, Jason gets his blood drawn today and a co-worker and I had ours done yesterday. Hopefully one of them will be a match and then things move rather quickly. The donor will need to have a physical, an EKG, an ultrasound of their kidney, and will need to meet with a social worker. And I'm told most of these appointments can take place on the same day.

If my co-worker is a match, we'll have the surgery when she wants to. It'll be 100% her call. If it's Jason, then we'll do it in late May or early June. That way I will not need to take any more time off of work. The recovery time for me will be 12 weeks. I should be ready to return to school in August if all goes well.

Two to three weeks...Merry Christmas!

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