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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Last Time

I got a call yesterday saying they can take me at Delhi. In fact, today is my last day here at the hospital. I was excited, but sad, and shocked that it would happen so quickly. And I wanted to give the staff here something to thank them for everything they have done for me. So, Alli and I made some cookies and chocolate covered pretzels last night. I was pretty emotional last night. Less so today, which is odd. One of the nurses said, "We don't have many people like you here. We have lots of old people who scream and poop their pants." I guess they might miss me. I'm pretty easy.


Anna is officially four months old, but her adjusted age is just two months. We were looking at some pictures of Alli last night and it seems that Anna is doing things now that Alli did when she was two months old. She is smiling more and more, and even coo-ing at times. She slept for nearly twelve hours last night. And Alli's pictures look just like Anna. At Anna's baptism on Sunday, most people couldn't believe how much Anna looks like her big sister.


Sunday was Anna's baptism. It was a great day. I can honestly say that I wasn't sure we'd make it to this special day. We even though about baptising her while she was in the NICU just in case. But we made it and had a great day. We had nearly 50 people at church and back at the house. City BBQ did the food and it was great. We ordered just the right amount. We have some left-over chicken which I'm planning on making into different meals (chicken fried rice, chicken soup, chicken ala king, chicken enchiladas, etc.) Sounds like Forrest Gump.

Thanks to Martha and Kevin for their help on Sunday. What great friends!

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