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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dialysis Day 36

It's never easy.

Toward the end of my treatment on Wednesday I set off an alarm. Apparently the dialyizer clotted. I thought that as long as the blood was moving that couldn't happen. But most patients get a dose of blood thinner when they are on to prevent clotting. Since I'm pregnant I don't. So I lost a bit of blood when that happened.

After I left on Wednesday I went to Children's for another echo. Everything looked fine, no changes. In fact, the doctor asked me how high my antibody levels were. She said there were studies saying that unless they were at a certain level then there is really no reason to monitor as closely as we are. It seems she's pretty convinced that everything is going to be fine. It's always nice to leave with some good news.

My next stop was back here at Good Sam for a chest x-ray. Since I was having the breathing problems earlier in the week they wanted to make sure everything looked okay. I think I scared them because I told them about the pneumonia I had in October, so they wanted to be extra sure. I didn't hear anything from the doctor until I came in this morning. They said everything looked the same as the last time I had an x-ray. More good news.

And Wednesday and Thursday night were great! No breathing problems at all and I slept without a problem. Jason said he knew I was sleeping well because I was snoring. They took off a little more fluid than usual on Wednesday, I left a little light on Wednesdsay. I think that really helped. The doctor is still going to come down today to check on me.

"G-Money's" got no clue.

Everyone knows I'm on a fetal monitor now. It's really loud and annoying. "G-Money" asked me about it this morning. "How long do you have to be monitored?" he asked. Till the end, I answered. Next question made me want to laugh, but I didn't. He asked, "Is she crying alot?" What? Crying? Really? Does he really think they are listening to hear if she's crying? "Just listening to her heart," I answered trying not to crack a smile. I wonder if he has any children...I'm gonna say yes, isn't that scary?

OB nurse came prepared today.

She was a school nurse for 13 years...and she wanted to talk about it. I was afraid she's talk the entire time, but thanks goodness she's stopped. She came prepared for our treatment. She brought her own computer to check her email and Facebook. As long as she keeps an ear on me and lets me do my thing I could care less what she's doing.

Doctor came down.

A doctor came down to talk to me about my breathing. It's not my primary nephrologist, but one that I saw alot when I was in-patient. He wasn't concerned about my chest x-ray, but said I still have some fluid on me. So, he wants to LOWER my dry weight again. He said 0.5 kilos today and 0.5 tomorrow, two pounds in two days. Since he isn't my primary, the dialysis tech said he's going to call my primary to make sure he's okay with this. Removing 0.5 kilos two treatments in a row isn't a big deal for most people, but since I'm here two DAYS in a row, the tech is a little concerned. We'll see what my primary nephrologist says.

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