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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dialysis Day 46


"Monica" is puking again...she's killing me!

Yesterday Was a Good Day

I met with my principal who is totally on board with helping me out this year. I'm so excited to have this taken care of. I'm going to work afternoons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the baby is born. This way I can still get treatments in the morning. Then I'll work full days on Thursday and Friday, getting treatments on Friday after school. I'll get my fifth day of treatment on Saturday. I'll use one sick day a week and have one half-day unpaid. This way I can stretch my sick days until maternity leave.

I won't have enough sick days to cover my maternity leave, either. But I will take 6 weeks off anyway. And the treasurer's office told me that I will not go without pay during that time. They take my unpaid days and stretch them out throughout the rest of the school year. Each check through the rest of the year will be less than normal, but at least we won't go through November without pay. I'm feeling a bit of relief about the whole thing!

Since I'll still be considered to be "full-time", my insurance is not in danger. They will post a job asking for someone to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings then 6 weeks full-time and finally 1 day a week after the baby is born. My principal told me that, without going into too much detail, they will also tell the candidate that there is a possibility of needing them full-time next year. That is if I get my transplant. My job will be safe when I return.

Oh, and if this plan takes a nose dive and needs to be reworked, the school and the district is 100% okay with chaining the plan. They're going to work with me...and I'm grateful.

Yay, Jennifer!

My friend, Jennifer, isn't type O blood, but she's found a friend who is willing to bet tested. She wins the award for best recruiting! I feel like there should be prizes. Remember when we were kids and we got prizes for selling the most candy or wrapping paper? One recruit wins you a...beer? Two recruits...several beers? I'll have to work on that, huh?

No Fair

"G-Money" brought himself a snack today. What's the snack? Microwave popcorn. Microwave popcorn? Really? Is there a snack that is more tempting? Boy, I'm hungry.

How Cool is That?

I emailed Tia Robertson, Oscar Robertson's daughter, to ask her questions about the transplant process. She wrote me back today and had lots of good questions to ask. I also think it's cool just to have made contact and have support from someone who's gone through it.

I also emailed Lisa Cooney from Channel 5 news. She donated a kidney to her family friend. She wrote me back, too! She is going to talk to the recipient to see if he'd be willing to talk with me. I asked if my donor (once we find one) can email her. She seems great and willing to be another support for us. Yeah!

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