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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dialysis Day 50

Pain In My Side

It's the same pain I had over the July 4th weekend. It is a sharp, almost burning pain that hits me in my left shoulder, left chest, and left side. It's a constant pain. I was starting to think that it's maybe the way I slept. But I've been avoiding sleeping on that side for this very reason. So, the nurse is calling my nephrologist and keeping my weight even until she talks to him.

Echo Yesterday, Ultrasound Today

My echo was good yesterday. No issues. Since I'm just about 28 weeks I will now get an echo every OTHER week. Yeah! My schedule just freed up a bit! We'll go every other week through 32 weeks. If everything looks good then we'll just stop.

The echo tech did not measure the baby's femur and head, so we don't have a weight estimate. They'll get an estimate today when I have my ultrasound. Alli will come with me to get this ultrasound today. Last time she wasn't very interested and couldn't tell what we were looking at. Hopefully now that the baby is bigger it will be easier for her to see the baby's face. She'll think it's cool if she can see her face.


I had some contractions yesterday...and I felt them. It scared me a bit, but the nurse said since they were not regular we had no reason to worry. Baby is very active today. She's staying on the monitor but moving alot. It's the strangest feeling in the world! I think that since I'm so small this pregnancy I'm feeling the movement alot more than with Alli. I don't have enough padding in my stomach.

Labs Today

One of the labs they took today was for renal function. They're checking to see what kind of work my kidneys are doing. I had a dream that my kidneys came back and this was all just a terrible road bump that went away. They say it's possible. There are been people who have been on dialysis and they got to stop when their kidney function improved. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Crazy In-Patient

There's a new in-patient getting dialysis today. We'll call him "Chris." He was doing fine for a while, but then he started to try to get out of bed. The nurse told him to lay down because his blood pressure is too low. "Chris" started YELLING, "Get me off this f***ing maching! I don't want to be on this G** D*** machine!" They had to strap him to the bed. He was not happy with that! I'm totally uncomfortable with this situation. He's right next to me. I want to cry.

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