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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dialysis Day 57

A Bit of a Mess

Boy, was I a mess yesterday! They stuck me with one needle, and since it was the first time they had to run the machine slower than usual. Then the system clotted. Most people are on blood thinners to prevent that, but not me since I'm pregnant.

Next, once I was back on the machine I started to have contractions. I think they were taking off too much fluid. So, the OB nurse called the doctor down twice and the second time they did an exam. I'm not dilated so they weren't too worried about the contractions.

When the doctor came to talk to me I started to feel light-headed and dizzy. They took my blood pressure and it was 84/64...really low! This is another result of taking off too much fluid. The nurse squeezed the saline bag and gave me a little more fluid and my pressure went back up.

The same doctor checked out my fistula and wasn't happy that they started to use it. He wants me to have an ultrasound to check it out to see if it's ready to use. Another appointment. I'm doing this one on Thursday after I have my gall bladder ultrasound (for transplant prep).

When I came off I was light, so they had to put me back on to take more fluid. It was not a good day yesterday.

Dry Weight

The doctor that saw me yesterday wants to raise my dry weight by 0.5 kilos a week. He's the first doctor to be concerned about my weight. He knows that I should be gaining. The third trimester is most important as far as weight gain goes.


An in-patient came in today. She's new to me, but the doctor and nurses recognized her. She had one concern this morning: Her fistula was growing. She said it hadn't grown until now. The doctor told her it looked "great." He explained that although it doesn't LOOK pretty it is MEDICALLY a great fistula. So doctors like to see fistulas that are ugly like the ones you see online. I'm hoping that takes years. I'll have my transplant before it starts to look bad...I hope.

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