"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dialysis Day 42

Cat Update

The doctor gave him a shot on Thursday that was supposed to stimulate his appetite. It worked! Since the moment we brought him home he's been eating or begging for food. It's like he's back to himself. Not sure how long that shot is supposed to last, but it seems like he's okay now. I think he might have just eaten something that made him sick for a couple of days.

Back to Me

My blood pressure was high yesterday. The doctor thinks it's because I put on too much fluid. I gained 3 kilos between Wednesday and Friday. That's 6 pounds! The nurse said it's normal for people to go overboard drinking on hot days. But, the doc wants me to watch the amount I'm drinking. I did better today.

I met with a nurse to learn how to use my glucometer. It's pretty easy, but it kinda hurts. You're supposed to choose a different finger each time you test. I only have 10 fingers and I need to test 4 times a day.

Yesterday's echo was fine, too. Baby is at 1 pound 10 ounces (plus or minus 4 ounces). BabyCenter.com said she should be 1 and 2/3 pounds. That's pretty much right on. Things are looking good.

The OB nurse was here before me today. She said she thought it was 7:00 today, too. I like when they are early!

Since there was a holiday on Sunday the Housekeeping department is on vacation today. Not sure how that works. But the result is that there are NO BLANKETS on the floor. Now, for me that's not a big deal, but the other patients are FREEZING! The nurses were told that they can't get blankets until 11:00. Yikes! I have a feeling someone might go to another floor and start rummaging for blankets.

The Vet Called

I guess maybe I was wrong...he's not 100% okay. The doctor said he's got early kidney disease. It seems like something we can control with diet, and maybe medicine. If we can increase his water intake and lower his protein then the doc said we can virtually reverse the kidney disease. I guess it's not ESRD...and I guess I'm not getting a kidney from my cat, huh?


  1. You can also use a different side of each finger, so that gives you 20 places to test. I used to have to test every one hour for my ICU patients on insulin drips. Using the left and right side of each finger helped me to keep from butchering their fingers too much.

    The nurses should bring a Snuggie....

  2. Alli and I LOVE our Snuggies! What a great idea!