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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dialysis Day 44

Oh "Martha"

Yesterday was a tough day for "Martha". She was here before me which is unusual, and she was sleeping. Most of the day was okay, but at one point she woke up and started yelling. "Where are my shoes?! I need my shoes?!" "Martha", you don't have legs. Then she changed her refrain. "I'll be quiet. I'll be quiet. I'll be quiet." Alright, already! Just do it!


"Hattie" doesn't have legs either. She comes from a nursing home on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I looked over at her today and Jim was placing 10 bags of saline on her. I thought he was just messing with her until Norma explained what he was doing. Apparently "Hattie" took on alot of fluid over the weekend and they were trying to show her how much weight that added to her body. That's one way of doing it. They say that nursing homes are big on patients rights, so alot of the patients use their room phones to order pizza and other stuff all the time and they just let them do it. I guess I'm okay with patients rights...but only to a certain extent.


My nephrologist came to see me yesterday and was pleased with how things are going. No problems. He expects me to start gaining weight soon...so do I! If I start feeling cramping then they'll raise my dry weights.

My heart rate is still high, but doc said he can't give me any beta blockers while I'm pregnant. He said it's okay as long as the accelerated heart rate doesn't make me feel bad.

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