"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dialysis Day 55

Fluid Test

I had a fluid test yesterday. It's just another ultrasound where they focus on the fluid around the baby. It was really quick, only 5 minutes, and the ultrasound tech said the fluid looked good. I'm assuming they are worried that since dialysis takes all of the fluid off of me then it could be taking fluid from the baby. Apparently not.


I've been trying to limit my fluid intake. One way of monitoring this is to keep an eye on my weight at home. I've been multiplying my dry weight (in kilos) by 2.2 and then adding 2.2 lbs to it to see how much I can weight at the end of the day. Then, I realized there is a switch on the bottom of my scale that changes the measurements to kilos. Much easier than doing the math!

Yesterday's OB Nurse

The nurse they sent down yesterday was about 12 years old. That was kind of annoying, but then she kept trying to diagnose me. For example, my blood pressure is taken every half an hour and the dialysis nurses write it down. The OB nurse asked if they have tested me for preeclamsia because my blood pressure is high. Really? I have 100 doctors and nurses down here who see my blood pressure all the time. Do we really need to give it a name like preeclamsia? I think I'm covered without having another diagnosis. "You really should be on blood pressure medication," she told me. No kidding...and I already am.

Charlie St. Cloud

I've been reading the novel "Charlie St. Cloud." this week and it's really good! I'm bummed cause I left it at home today. I was so looking froward to finishing it today! Not sure if I can handle seeing the movie. The book is pretty sad.


  1. Um, you are not a normal OB patient, and she obviously has no clue how dialysis can affect blood pressure. You should tell her that she should leave the diagnosing to the experts!

  2. Want you to know you continue to be in my thoughts & prayers..If you ever need a babysitter for Ali Id be more than willing to lend a hand :) Just let me know

  3. We nurses seem to look at everything in terms of our specialty...