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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dialysis Day 52

Fluid Intake

Instead of lowering my dry weight the doctor decided that I need to limit my fluid intake. This is supposed to help with my breathing problems. I am to gain only 1 kilo over night, so I can drink 24 ounces of fluid plus whatever I pee out. Yesterday I peed a total of 4 ounces...wow.

So I really limited my fluid intake yesterday and I'm so thirsty today! But I only gained 0.8 kilos, so that's good. And I had a good night sleeping and breathing. Maybe we found the solution?

Mean "Martha"

When we get here in the morning, the first thing we do is weigh ourselves. Yesterday I went up to the scale and "G-Money" had just finished and there was a line of people in wheel chairs waiting their turn. They need help to be weighed because they have to remove their blankets and bags. So, I went ahead and weighed myself while they waited for the techs to help. Suddenly I hear, "I guess I'm a the end of the line, huh?" "Martha?" She's usually so out of it that she can't make comments like that. I offered to help her get weighed but had no idea what I was doing.

Then, a nurse asked "Martha" if she was going to be quiet during the treatment. "I don't know," said "Martha." The nurse explained that I have a baby in my belly and I'm having so much trouble breathing and "Martha" should feel bad for me and stay quiet so I can rest. "Martha's" response..."I don't care." Nice. The other day they told her that the baby was sleeping and she shouldn't wake her up. That worked.

The Weekend

It's the weekend again, so everyone's happy. Lots of laughing and joking. There's a new out-patient here, too. Maybe she'll leave thinking this place isn't that bad.

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