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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Baby Is Coming

Monday. My heart is working overtime to keep up with the stress of dialysis. My heart rate and blood pressure are too high. The stress on my heart is causing the fluid to build around my lungs. The OB doctor wants me to get more blood pressure medicines to lower it and get some good dialysis treatments before scheduling a c-section.

I'm due to dialyze tomorrow morning (and will get a second steroid shot for the baby's lungs). They might have me dialyze again on Sunday (in an in-patient room). Then on Monday I'll dialyze and have a c-section.

The baby will be born at a little more than 31 weeks. She will need to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks. The doctor told me to take 12 weeks off of work.

I'm scared.


  1. 31 weekers do very, very well, and Good Sam has an excellent NICU and staff. You have bought her enough time to get her out of the most dangerous part of prematurity. Girls especially do much better than boys as far as lung development. Any stress your daughter has been under from all your body's issues will actually be in her favor, as the stress will have helped with her lung maturity.

    If you would like, I could put out a call to my blog readers, many of whom have had preemies and have spent weeks or months in the NICU. I think they could be an invaluable support.

  2. Please, anyone can read or comment. They can sent me an email, too. You've been a great support, Jen. You've lessened my fears many times! Thank you.

  3. I will also second what Mrs. Spock said here.

  4. I agree with Jen. 31 weekers do very well. When I was 1st hospitalized at 31 wks with J & M, the doc told me typical is about 5-6 wks but that the do very well. And girls definitely do better than boys! Wimpy white boys is what they call them:)

    Lots of prayers to you and the family.