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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dialysis Day 64

What a Terrible Day

I blogged yesterday about getting on the machine late. The first one was not working and the second one needed its "guts" changed. By the time I got on it was 8:00 when I'm supposed to be on at 7:00. I also had four different OB nurses. The one that was scheduled to be here got sick so they had a couple of other people come down to take turns with me.

The last OB nurse made me so mad. I had just been taken off when she noticed that my blood pressure was a little high. Now keep in mind, my blood pressure has been high since May. Yesterday it was no higher than it has been in the past couple of weeks. She freaked out and called the OB. Funny, I just saw the OB on Wednesday and she was fine with my pressures. I told the nurse that and the dialysis nurses told her the same thing. But she was insistent that the OB doctor know. Twenty minutes later the doctor called and wasn't that concerned, but to appease the nurse she called for some blood work. But my blood had just been "cleaned" and any tests they do wouldn't be reliable. Plus, the work they wanted was the same work they took at the beginning of my treatment. The OB nurse insisted they take the blood...but the dialysis nurses took a stand and told her no. It was like the OB nurse was on some sort of power trip.

I left in tears because I was leaving an hour and a half late. When I called Jason he made me realize that I was just upset because I was so tired. Two nights without sleep will make me a bit emotional. Once I settled down I was fine. I took a little nap when I got home and felt a little better.

Much Better

I slept last night. Yeah. I asked them yesterday to take my weight down a little bit and they did. I only gained 0.8 kilos over night and was able to sleep much better. I am having pain in my right shoulder where my catheter is. But the doctors and nurses don't think that it's related to my catheter. My problem is that I can't sleep on my left side because of my fistula, I can't sleep on my back or stomach because of the pregnancy, so all I've got is my right side. I wish I could just float in the air and have no pressure on any part of my body.


I'm watching and listening to the Today Show like always and something really strange happened. All of a sudden the sound didn't match the picture. The voice was a woman and she was praying for "healing." Should I consider that a sign of some sort? I'm not really one that believes in signs, but this was a bit strange...praying for healing while I'm on dialysis? Weird!

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