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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dialysis Day 58

I Forgot

I forgot one more thing that made Friday bad. They reviewed my blood sugar and now they want me to start giving myself insulin shots at lunchtime. I'm sure the reason my sugar is high after dialysis is because I have to eat on the run between appointments. It would be easier to eat right if I could just go home and relax. A nurse is coming down to dialysis this morning to show me how to give myself the shots. Apparently I'm supposed to shoot myself if the "fat" part of my stomach. Hmm...I don't have any fat around my stomach. Guess we'll figure something out.


I clotted the machine again on Saturday. Part of it has to do with not getting blood thinners like the other patients. Adding to that is the fact that my hemoglobin is getting higher. I started out with a blood count of 5.8 which is terribly low. I was transfused with 3 units of blood and they've been giving me a medicine called Epogen which helps my body make its own red blood cells. Now my count is above 12 which is great! In fact, they didn't give me my Epogen today since it was so high.

Crazy Schedule

Last week my schedule wasn't too bad, but this week is out of control. Monday: Dialysis, Alli to the dentist, Alli's soccer pick-up, and to visit our friends' new baby at Christ. Tuesday: Dialysis and echo at Children's. Wednesday: Dialysis, ultrasound and ob appointment. Thursday (my "day off"): Gall bladder ultrasound and ultrasound of my arm. Friday: Dialysis. I hope I can keep it all straight.

Causing Problems Again Today

I'm not sure what "conductivity" means in terms of the dialysis machines, but my machine was having troubles gaining "conductivity." So about 45 minutes into my treatment they had to wheel me to another machine. It was a loss of time, but not a loss of blood. Now I'm in the center of the Pod and there is a cooling vent right over my head. My hands are already getting cold. I might just need a blanket this time.

OB Nurse

She looks ticked off that she has to be here. She has a book to read but every once in a while she gives me a look that could kill. Sorry to bother her.

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