"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." ~Randy Pausch

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still Movnig Uphill

I think I need to change the name of my blog. I haven't been blogging on dialysis lately...just Anna.

Anna is off the bili lights! Her jaundice numbers are really low so there is no need for them. She was also breathing "room air" (21% oxygen) yesterday. No more mask. They removed the CPAP and now she is just getting a little bit of oxygen through her nose.

With all of these tubes and wires removed it made it much easier to hold her yesterday! I can't believe it! I held her for about an hour and it was amazing. She fussed a little bit and I made a comment about this being the first time that I heard her cry (since she didn't cry in the operating room). The nurses said, "Really? Cause it seems like all she does is cry!" Something to look forward to when we get to bring her home, huh?

Jason changed her diaper and then we went home for dinner. When we returned, Jason got to hold her for about an hour, too. It's the most special thing ever! After about an hour, Alli sat on Jason's lap and also held her. We also finally have a picture of the whole family. I can't stand how excited I am!

When Anna starts crying, Alli has decided that we should sing her a song. So the three of us sing "Twinkle, Twinkle." Both times it has calmed her down. So special.

The doctor and nurse suggested that by Monday she could be completely off of oxygen and be getting full feeds. That means that she'll be getting all of her nutrition through breast milk and none through an IV. She'll still be getting her feeds through a feeding tube. At about 33 or 34 weeks (soon) they will try to bottle feed. She should be able to suck, breath, and swallow all at the same time. The big issues is that she's so small that she might run out of energy before she finishes the bottle.

I can't wait till she starts putting on some weight!


  1. The daily changes are by leaps and bounds! Anna must take after her momma, so strong and determined. Thanks so much for taking the time to blog! I was in Cincy earlier this week for work and left a little something for Anna with Kevin and Martha. Hopefully, they will see you soon!!

  2. Wow, she is progressing so well! Yay baby Anna!!!!! So thrilled that both mommy and daddy have gotten to hold her. What precious, special moments. Amazing what you can take for granted with a "normal" term birth. So very happy she (and you!) and doing okay!

  3. I love the singing thing!!! Hooray for all of the good news and beautiful moments!!

  4. So when do we get to see the family picture??