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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dialysis Day 59

More Trouble Sleeping

Last night was probably my worst night sleep so far. I fell asleep fine around 9:30 and I slept until around 11:30. Then things got bad. I had trouble breathing and made several trips to the bathroom. The last one around 12:30 was to throw up. I haven't thrown up since I first started dialysis. I spent the rest of the night sitting up on the couch downstairs. I was a sweaty mess when Jason came to get me at 6:20.

When I got here and told the nurse what was going on she asked what my input and output were. Um, I could probably estimate my fluid intake and output, but I didn't think they really wanted me to measure it. And the bottle of water that I thought was 12 ounces really is 17 ounces. Oops.

I'm feeling really good now, just tired. Might be one of the few days that I get some sleep during a treatment.

OB Nurse Scared Me

I have a nurse that has been here before. She's really nice. She asked how the baby was growing and I told her about the baby's head and abdomen measuring small. I also told her that she gained over 300 grams instead of 400 in a month and she asked me if the doctors have talked to me about putting me in-patient...strict bed rest. I want nothing to do with that! I still have 10 weeks left until I'm full term. That's 10 weeks without being at home with Jason and Alli. Can't happen.


They didn't use the word "diabetes" but I'm starting to give myself insulin today at lunch time. They don't usually have ladies taking insulin at lunch time. And I was told that most women give themselves 100 units of insulin per dose. I'm only taking 4 units. Seems like a waste of my time to me. Is it really necessary?

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  1. Oh no, 100 units of insulin would never be given. That would probably kill you- you'd have a blood sugar of zero. 4 units is about typical for a sliding scale insulin before a meal. In the hospital, I often gave only 2 to 6 units of insulin, in the morning and night, and before meals. Prednisone tends to make your blood sugar higher than normal. I start prednisone in a week or two, and I will probably be in the same boat. I'll find out soon if they will just have me start checking my blood sugar several times a day once I reach a certain number if weeks, or if they will still have me do the tolerance test.